8 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Malisa says:

    OMFG you are Gorgeous Gina, a friend of mine said he Jacks off to hundreds of your pics every week and wanted to see what you look like so I searched for your pics and finally found them, WOW is all I can sa, I have tried to do some porn pics me and my gf and have been turned down so many times.

    I would love to work with you but that may be out of the question, since I do feel ugly now that im looking at your hot pics, well keep up the good work baby and keep my friend cumming he loves a good orgasm to your hot pics.

    Ttyl your female admirer Malisa

  2. Dave Bryan says:

    Hi Gina . I had stumbled apon one of your videos, Gina from that day on I honestly fell for your lovely smile and drop dead gorgeous body, my name is Dave thank you for sharing your lovely body and beautiful smile with not only me but the world wide Web.

  3. Malisa says:

    That friend of mine is still going strong in his cum shots to your lesbian scenes, he loves them, his orgasms are getting more and more intense with your pics.

    He keeps telling me he would love to do a porn shoot with you, his rock hard penis would look excellent in your vagina.

    He is great at (bgg) scenes.

    Well baby keep eating pussy that keeps him hard.
    Malisa & Stacy

  4. David Bryan says:

    The very first time I ever seen Gina it was surfing the adult sites and her eyes and smile caught my attention immediately following I was captured by her amazingly beautiful body, it was ” you had me at hello” in my case she had me at first glance. Gina won my affection and admiration. Thank you
    David Bryan

  5. Maksim says:

    Hi Gina Gerson,I am a fan of you from China.I’m 19 years old.the first time I saw you was surfing the adult sites.Then I fell in love with you.Because you are a cool girl,and you are very sunny and lovely.I’ll rember your buautiful smile forever.You are different from any oter star in my eyes.You are the best one in the world.I will support you forever,even though I’m not good at English.
    Your admirer Maksim

  6. Jason says:

    I’m into fitness and you have one of the strongest and smallest waists out there along with nice toned bicep muscles too! Your body takes my breath away and makes me so hard!!

  7. Mark Wilkinson says:

    Dear Gina seen some of your videos and they are great i really love watching them. If you ever come to America i would love to meet you and maybe we could make a video just for me im 51 and would love to have sex with such a young and beautiful woman as yourself just a dream i wish would come true love always Mark

  8. Malisa Miller says:

    I would give the world to know what your hot pussy tastes like & lick my friends cum out of it, I always dream of meeting you in person some day, I get wet everytime I see your pics mmmmmmmmmmmmm is all I can say.
    Your peeing clips were incredible, looks yummy.

    Keep cumming baby.
    Love Malisa & Stacy
    Write me sometime xoxoxo

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